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Bobby Knight Endorses Donald Trump, Says He'll Be A Top 3 President In United States History #PowerEndorsementsOnly

The HillFormer Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight predicted Wednesday that Donald Trump will become one of the greatest presidents in the history of the country.

Knight, who was introducing Trump at a rally in Indianapolis less than a week before voters head to the polls for a critical May 3 primary, said voters in the state have the opportunity to put Trump “over the top” in his quest for the nomination.

“If you people will do this, if you will do this, you will be having our government take its first step toward what all of us want America to be like,” Knight said.

“They talk in a negative way when they want to about Donald, and say he isn’t presidential,” he continued. “I don’t know what the hell that means. To me I think of Harry Truman, they said Harry Truman wasn’t presidential. And damn he went on to be one of the three best presidents in US history. [Trump] will at some point be one of those also.”

Knight said “there has never been a more honest politician” than Trump and argued that there has never been a candidate more prepared to step into the Oval Office.

“You folks are taking a look at the most prepared man in history to step in as president of the United States,” Knight said.

“There has never been a presidential candidate prepared to the length that this man is,” he continued. “I’m not here to represent the Republican Party or any organization that deals with politics. I think the most important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man for the job, and you’ve already met him.”

Now THAT is how you endorse. Most people just stand on a stage meekly saying “vote for so-and-so” looking like there’s a gun to their head or hiding a smirk knowing they’re only doing this for a future political favor. Oh no, not Bob Knight. Leave it to Bobby to take this shit next level. Standing up on stage in the middle of Indiana declaring the Donald the next Harry Truman? Top 3 President in United States history? #PowerEndorsementsOnly.

Well known fact about me – my biggest dream growing up was to play college hoops for Bobby Knight. Unfortunately not hitting puberty until like age 20 and not breaking 6 feet until college held me back from realizing that goal, but the point remains. Best coach ever. Back when coaches could coach. Not like today where you can’t even get in a kid’s face or make him run laps or punch him in the face. Just did not give a fuck and did whatever it took to get the most out of people. Basically the original Trump of college basketball, except he actually cared about what he was preaching about.



Classic Bobby.

But then, just before Knight stepped off stage, things got a little strange.

He launched into what can only be called a parable. It wasn’t about Trump; it wasn’t about Knight. It was about “the man in charge” and his son Johnny. Here’s a transcript of the tale:

I’ll talk to you one other thing about Donald Trump and how he operates and how he gets things done.

Johnny walks into his dad’s office one morning and says, ‘Dad, did Mom tell you I passed the driver’s test?’”

And Dad says, “Son, she did tell me that. She told me that the trooper who gave you the test said you had the best written and the best driving test of anybody he’s ever had. I’m so proud of you, Son.”

“Now, Dad, will that give me an opportunity maybe to drive your car or Mom’s car once in a while?”

Well, Son, now, this is the man in charge I’m talking about now. Or it could be the lady in charge. But this is all about the person that’s in charge.

And he said to his son, “Well, sure, Son. There’ll be a time for you to use one of our cars. However, there are some prerequisites. Your mother is not real happy with the way you treat your brother and sister. Your grades are two below what they should be. And I’ve talked to you son about reading, Son, about reading and I never see you read. And I’ve talked to you about the Bible because, Son, there are a lot of good things in the Bible that don’t have anything to do with religion.

“And then there’s one last thing, Son. And it’s that damn long hair of yours. I’ve told you to get a haircut and you haven’t done it. Now when you think you’ve done all of these things, Son, then we’ll talk about driving the car.”

About three weeks later, Johnny comes in to talk to his dad and says, “Dad, I wanted to talk to you, I think I’ve done a lot of things you’ve asked me to do.”

“Son, I’m proud of you. Your grades, the way Mom feels, the way you’re treating your brother and sister, all those things we talked about, all those prerequisites, really good in all of them. But there’s one thing left — it’s that damn long hair of yours and you haven’t done a thing with it.”

Now this is the man in charge, and that’s this man right here.

And that boy looked at him and he said, “Well, Dad, you know you got me to read the Bible. And I did. And when I read the Bible, I learned a lot of things. But, Dad, I also learned that Matthew, Mark , Luke, John, Jesus himself all had long hair, Dad.”

And the man in charge looked at that kid and he said, “Son, you are absolutely right.”

And they walked their ass off everywhere they went.

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