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Thursday Afternoon Mailtime: Music I'm Afraid To Admit I Don't Like

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We opened up today’s show with Little Red Corvette and Prince’s death. And I explained how Prince is one of those artists I’m afraid to tell people I dont listen to. I love Little Red Corvette. I’ll sing along to When Doves Cry. I can appreciate the guitar play on Purple Rain. But at the end of the day I’m not opening up my iTunes and going to the Prince section of my library when I wanna listen to some tunes. Nobody is at the bar going “Oh this is my shit!” when Prince comes on. The radio aint playing Prince throwbacks (aside from now when he died). I love Prince’s persona and his whole character, but I think his music is kind of overrated. Its probably that I didnt live in that era and when the whole world transitioned to pop and hip hop and R&B he stayed in his funk wheelhouse, I dunno. Bottom line though is everyone reveres him so much I’m afraid to admit it.

Also in that category – U2. They have some hits that I like. Even a couple songs I’d say that I love. But on the whole, if its Take it Or Leave It with U2, I could leave em. Probably because Bono is a douche and their songs are always so preachy. I cant even really put my finger on it from a musical perspective. But all I know is when I say that I’m not a U2 fan people act like I kicked their dog. “But youre Irish!” Yea. I know. But I dont like their songs.

The Beatles – Get outta here with the Beatles. Beatles stink. So sick of people sucking Beatle dick.

Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd – I put these two together because I dont even know the difference. I like Fool In the Rain. I know Dark Side of the Moon. I think it sucks, but I know it. And thats about it.

I know its probably ignorant. Music purists probably want to murder me for saying it. I’ll usually just bite my tongue when these bands come up because its not even worth the music nuts freaking out on me. I cant even really pinpoint it. Its not even that its music that came before my time because I love Motown and a lot of other 80s rock. But theres just a handful of legendary bands that I dont give a fuck about. Sue me.

As for the rest of the show: We breakdown the Jay Z/Beyonce/Rachel Roy/Rachael Ray drama, talk about my mom bringing vodka everywhere she travels, drunk Becky’s rolling around in the dog park in Hoboken, and why truffle fries SUCK.

Also in One Minute Man we talk about Steph Curry, Game of Thrones, and Birman’s meltdown. PUT SOME RESPECK ON MY NAME! Plug in juice up.