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One Of Shawn Kemps 400 Kids Is A HS Freshman That Could Make Some Noise

Shawn Kemp’s Ssn bears a striking resemblance to his father and at the Under Armour Association stop in Indianapolis he showed that he has game as well. The 6’5 freshman from Seattle was playing up on the 16U Washington Supreme AAU team. Jamon Kemp shot the ball well from outside, has good athleticism, and was a willing passer. He made his biggest impact on the game on the defensive end playing great on ball defense and coming up with some big blocks.

Look at the Little Reign Man roll! Sure, Jamon’s only a freshman in high school. But at 6’5 with half of his genetics coming from a pure seed spreading freak of nature, his game is only going to get better. And he may eventually beat out his hundreds of half brothers to be the one true Shawn Kemp protege, but the real question is will he eventually be as dominant on NBA Jam as pops? Get him working with Gary Payton’s kid (or even better, Detlef Schrempf’s) now because that’s all that matters when it’s all said and done. Wearing colors that are only 2nd to the Charlotte Hornets in the ’90’s Starter Jacket rankings. RIP to the Supersonics.

People forget just how big of a beast Shawn Kemp was in his prime. That Thoroughbred could throw down like no other.

PS – Obligatory for any post regarding athletes and illegitimate children. Shawn Kemp may have been king, but Antonio Cromartie is now his Lord.