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Quick Counterpoint To Lebron's Personal DJ Being A Douchebag Move

So J-Mac just posted this and said that Lebron having his own DJ is a douchebag move. Well I can’t just let that be the official stance on this for Barstool. I don’t like Lebron either, but I also won’t blindly hate a guy just because. If Lebron does something cool I’ll say its cool and honestly, just like I will now admit that Lebron is the best player in the league. And to tell you the truth this might be the first thing Lebron has ever done that I respect the hell out of.


Who wouldn’t want their own personal DJ? I love music. Love it. Do you know how often I listen to music? Basically never. You know why? Because picking music, the act of trying to find the perfect song fucking SUCKS. I’d rather sit in complete silence then have to figure out what I want to listen to. Same thing for television. Does any guy actually sit and watch an entire show without flipping around? Fuck no. Grass is always greener. I want to know what other song or television show I could be listening to. Maybe they’re silk panties, maybe it’s a thong, or something really cool I don’t even know about. The point is, choosing music or anything in life is annoying as fuck, so having a personal DJ do it for you is a boss move. If I had the money it would be the second thing I buy, right behind the first ever Caviar vending machine. Not even caviar packages, I’m saying like soft serve caviar. Just stick your hand in and it poops out caviar. Won’t even eat it, just have it to tell everyone I do.