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Gotta Love R. Kelly Watching Kobe's Final Game On Michael Scott's Plasma TV

Congrats to Kobe on a great career and congrats to R. Kelly for finally breaking down and buying himself a plasma TV. Lotta people in the room? Need a little more space? Bam, just push that sucker in and it’s like the house just grew. Sometimes R. Kelly will just stand there by himself and watch television for hours. He loves it! He loves that tv!

Honestly though, that’s as depressing as it gets. C’mon, Kells. You wrote Ignition (Remix) before Ignition. You’re one of the greats. Get your iPad mini off the wall and go get yourself a 4K or some shit, you’ve earned it. I’ve taken puddle jumpers where the seat in front of me had a bigger screen than that thing. Get yourself an interior decorator, some furniture, a television, maybe a lamp, and stop peeing on girls. Time to grow up.