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Gary Cohen Dropping What Sounded Like A "Keith Hernandez Did Cocaine" Joke Is Why The Mets Announcers Are The GOATs

Simply the best. Better than all the rest. Better than any announcing team. Any announcing team that I’ve ever met. Dropping a “Remember when you used to snort the foul line, Keith?” type jokes on a Sunday is why it’s a privilege to listen to these three greats at work. And don’t tell me that it’s a greenies or amphetamines joke. That’s not nearly as fun as the guys talking about coke during the first game the Mets wear their 86 throwback jerseys.

So while the Mets may not be entertaining us with a ton of wins yet, they are doing everything else to keep their fans happy. Whether it’s WPIX mistakenly turning Big Sexy blue.

Big Sexy swinging out of his shoes.

Big Sexy not giving a fuck that he gave up a Ryan Howard bomb.

Or Big Sexy going full Willie Mays on a cold night in April.

TL;DR Gary, Keith, Ron, and Big Sexy are the second best part of the Mets season so far (behind the filthiest rotation ever).