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Mailtime Featuring Ari Shaffir

Ari Shaffir joined us this week for Mailtime. If you’re not familiar with Ari, he basically pioneered racism on the internet with his video series, The Amazing Racist:

which are some of the funniest, earliest youtube videos of its kind. Since then he’s gone on to do his podcasts – Skeptic Tank and Punch Drunk Sports – and his TV show on Comedy Central This Is Not Happening. Real funny dude, and he took the time to come to the studio and talk about drugs, racism, life as a sports fan, Donald Trump, and stupid people. Pretty much everything this website is built upon, me and Ari touched on it.

Also I think he’s convinced me to do a bunch of shrooms. Ultimately I still think that as an Irish Catholic dude I have 30 years of suppressed emotions locked deep inside my vault that I call a soul and that if I fuck with any hallucinogens or psychedelics that it all comes to the surface and I’m fucked but Ari has assured me that wont happen. He just recommended I get a baby sitter for the night. Sound advice.

The interview starts at about the 31:00 mark. The rest of the episode is me recapping the bachelor party I was at this weekend in Foxwoods, hanging out at the bar with Bobby V, and a very Larry David moment involving me and 2 Latina women that I was convinced had to be housekeepers.