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Jim Nantz Just Did An Interview On The Dan Patrick Show, Explained That He Has Given Away Hundreds Of Neckties, Not Just To The Final Four Winner




First of all. Sounds like Jim Nantz is not happy about everyone making fun of his necktie tradition. He started this portion of the interview talking about all the cynics on the internet ruining a fun little moment. Ok Jim, fine, you got me there, I am a cynic, but this tie thing is still weird.


We then learned a little more about the tradition which is actually a lot larger than we thought. Apparently Jim Nantz gives his necktie to basically any father and son he sees at one of his sporting events. Given away “hundreds of ties”. Which means we have ourselves a little necktie market saturation going on. So much for selling that puppy on eBay. There are less people that don’t own a Jim Nantz necktie than do at this point.  2 in every 3 neckties you see out in the wild is probably a Jim Nantz necktie.






He also explained that the necktie is currently undefeated. Never been turned down, no big deal.





I love that Jim thinks this is proof people want his necktie because I’m sure someone would ever have the balls to tell Jim Nantz to his face, no thanks on that unsolicited tie, buddy. People for the most part aren’t impolite to famous people that approach them, that doesn’t mean they want your God Damn tie. Like I said yesterday though, it’s such an outrageously cocky move, to be walking around handing people articles of your clothing so they can remember your name forever, that I have to respect it. There is a part of me that wishes I was as famous and respected as Jim Nantz, that I could go around handing people sweaty clothes and calling it a “special moment”. Do you Jim, let the haters hate. Also for the record, you totally think you’re the most important person on planet earth, that should be mentioned as well.





He also confirmed the burnt toast picture. Jim Nantz having a hell of a month.