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Mike Tyson Congratulates The University of Cinncinati On Four Straight National Titles

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Man I don’t even like picking on Iron Mike, and no not just because one of his punches would send my nose through my skull so hard it would shoot my brain out of earholes. I mean it’s Mike Tyson. As if everyone expects him to be eloquent and grammatically perfect and really knowledgable about current events. Just can’t win these days. You try to tweet about something to show that you respect women after a history of misogyny, and it backfires right in your face and you end up mocked into Bolivia by the entire internet.

Hey, he made an effort at least. That’s more than you can say about most of these sexist pigs out here who don’t even like watching a team win every game for a decade by 41 points.

Enjoy the knockouts.