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Jim Nantz Handing His Tie To A Senior On The Winning Team After Every Title Game Is The Cockiest Move Ever




How about Jim Nantz slowly going public on being a semi-weird dude these past few weeks. First you had the burnt toast story, where he carries around a picture of toast in his wallet for all waiters and waitresses, and now this. Jim Nantz thinking he’s Mean Joe Greene, handing some lucky kid his tie after every Final Four. I don’t even hate this move, it’s just so incredibly cocky. Some Senior just had the greatest moment of his life and Jim Nantz is like here kid, take this tie, and make sure you remember me, Jim Nantz, for the rest of your life.


And you know what the best part is, on night’s when Jim Nantz can’t sleep, he probably goes down to the kitchen, fires up the computer and checks eBay to see if any of his ties from past years have been put on auction. Or maybe see if anyone has it on display and mentioned it in a Sports Illustrated expose. Just check up on where the famous Jim Nantz necktie landed. Nothing like inserting yourself into a moment and creating sports memorabilia no one really ever wanted in the first place. Fuck, everyone’s Dad gets pissed when they get a necktie for a present, and there’s Jim Nantz passing out his ties like he’s giving people a mint condition Ty Cobb baseball card. Like I said, have to respect it because it’s so out of this world arrogant. Jim Nantz is a walking legend and he knows it and he’ll make sure to tell you as well. Hey Kid, catch!


*Throws a wet necktie*