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John Oliver Is Selling Legends Suite Tickets For 25 Cents

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that this is a bad idea. Just like us, this is what John Oliver does. He finds a mistake in what someone says and jump all over it to make an example of them and get views.

I said from the beginning that this is a business decision that I fully stand behind. The Yankees have a product that they sell tickets for and they don’t want other making money off of their product. You can still buy tickets on StubHub if the seller gives the physical tickets to a StubHub office, but the team also lets you buy and sell tickets using an electronic ticket as well. If they said you couldn’t resell tickets at all, I would get that. In this case though they are saying you can but under stricter security guidelines.

Everyone thinks the security is a made up excuse but it’s true. In the days after this announcement, Stoolies were coming out from all over the place to tell me the scams they were running to get into the stadium and to get better seats. Everything from changing the section and seat and printing that copy to use after they got in the stadium with their original ticket to making multiple copies to use the Hard Rock entrance and passing tickets back. For the fans it was great just like when you could find a $5 ticket, but when something seems too good to be true it probably is. In this case for an organization the level of the Yankees, this was bound to happen and will probably happen in other markets too.

In the case of Lonn Trost, he messed up. He meant to say that it cheapens the experience if you pay double or even triple what the person next to you paid. It makes people think they should just wait and pick up the scraps, which would lead to not selling out those seats. It’s easy to say “but look how many seats they have that are empty now” but thats not the case. There is a premium dinning experience going on behind the plate and regardless of the ticket holder’s intentions, they paid to be there. Or at least their company did. The way the message was delivered was totally wrong and you should all submit your tweets to try and get these tickets but the overall policy isn’t wrong.

If you do submit to try and get these tickets, tag me in it and I’ll post the best ones.