Swaggy P Broke Down What's Wrong With The World In 2016...Tattle Taling And Burger King Selling Hot Dogs

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In a tweet that was up for maybe 30 seconds, Nick Young broke down what’s wrong with the world in 2016. Perfectly said by him. McDonald’s saleling breakfast bowls, Burger King saleing hotdogs, Party Next Door snapping Insta pics of his side chick on the gram, and D’Angelo Russell tattle taling about him cheating on Iggy. That’s 2016 in a fucking nutshell. Fast food places going crazy and social media ruining lives. I love where his head is at. Like out of everything possibly that can bother him, everything in the world, it’s Burger King’s hot dogs that he cannot get off his brain. Oh and that whole “being videotaped by your teammate talking about cheating on your chick” thing too. Life is hard in 2016. One day you think you have the world in the palm of your hand, the next day McDonald’s and Burger King are messing with your brain and your 19 year old teammate is pulling wacky pranks like releasing video of you talking about hooking up with another girl. I just hope Swaggy’s life gets easier, because this has not been the best week for him.