This Girl's Tweet Is Going Viral Because She Swerved A Dude By Naming All The Teams In The NL East

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Okay, before we get into this story, let’s just address the elephant in the room. This girl has MONSTER titties. Now, to the text exchange. I’ve dated a girl who was a huge baseball fan before, and I’ve dated a girl who couldn’t name a single baseball player from any point in time. Honestly, I kind of prefer the non-baseball fan, because the baseball fan girlfriend is always going to try to impress you with her sports knowledge, and make everything a competition, because of some sort of inferiority complex, when guys really don’t care about that stuff. No guy is sitting there being like, wow, she knew that Harmon Killebrew was the 1969 AL MVP. I wish she’d 69 my face off right now.

And the ex who was the huge baseball fan thought that her sports knowledge was earning her bonus points or something. You know what earns you bonus points? Having monster titties. But I will say that this girl here is legit. She’s not dropping some baseball knowledge just to impress a guy. Take one look at her Twitter page. She was dropping some baseball knowledge, because she was offended that this bro came at her with a basic ass bitch quiz, and a basic ass bitch she is not. Clearly, if you’re dropping Expos references. This dude quizzed the wrong girl and got torched. RIP in peace.