Xavier's JP Macura Arrested for Pulling Pants Down Inside Bar


Does that look like the face of a kid who likes to take his pants off inside of a bar while also being able to dunk all over dudes? Yes, yes it does.

This news hits home for me because this is one of my staple bars. Everyone in Cincinnati knows Wednesday night at RP’s is Mug Club. $2 drafts all day and night in your pink or green mug is tough to beat. So, JP Macura wanted to blow off some steam and honestly I can’t blame him. I’m sure someone brought up the Wisconsin game hence the offensively coarse language and well, who doesn’t want to take their pants off?

It hasn’t been a great day for college basketball guys so far between this and the Diamond Stone news. Maybe we can get a little better tonight with the dunk contest and 3-point contest. He should do a pantsless dunk in the dunk contest at Xavier’s midnight madness next year if he wants to keep his title if you ask me.

[h/t WLW 700]