A Chick Held Her Boyfriend With A Knife To Make Him Apologize On Video For Liking Photos Of Instagram Hoes


Dailymail – This chilling video appears to show a crazed girl forcing her boyfriend to make a public apology for flirting with other women on Instagram while she holds a knife to his throat.

The terrified young man apologises in front of camera to stop his demented girlfriend from slicing his neck with an enormous knife.

The distressing video of the unidentified American couple has recently emerged online. It is unknown who the couple are or if it has been staged.


I saw this one on my rounds this morning and was generally conflicted as to whether this is real or not. I mean having seen so many of the shitty parody videos people do online, I know people trying to fake things generally can’t act and if you look into the eyes of this fuckboy-haired kid, that is pure fear, pure Instagram-booty liking fear. Because how can he stop people from interacting with him on Instagram? Especially knowing girls, maybe they see this and now in their mind any Insta love is some sort of Romeo and Juliet situation where they think they can save him? That’s how this dude ends up with a Colombian neck tie from Riley, whose hand holding that knife seems about as steady as can be.


The other part of it is that…doesn’t this seem like something a girl would do in 2016? I’m sure we’ve all seen first hand what a girl with a curious mind can find on social media, but with Instagram they make it so fucking easy to figure it all out. Searching locations for photos and good God that Following tab is one of the worst social media inventions ever. Every time you open the app you could be walking into your own breakup, let alone your own funeral. It’s about time Instagram steps up and lets us all cover our tracks a little easier. You’ve done enough for women, give the boys one to be proud of this time. Or this crying fuck boy’s blood is on your hands.