Sasha Banks Showing Her Journals From When She Was 10 Years Old As She Packs For Wrestlemania Is Your Motivation For The Day


I had a cubicle job once. It was miserable. I hated every second of my time there. Do you have a job like that? A job you hate day in and day out? Well use this video as your motivation to get the fuck out of it. Sasha Banks has been writing letters, ideas, promos, and her goals in journals since she was 10 years old. Been working at her goal to wrestle at Wrestlemania since she was barely old enough to tie her own shoes. And now on Sunday she is going to wrestle in front of nearly 100,000 people at Cowboys stadium. How crazy is that? Dreams do come true, folks. Time to get out of that job you hate. I believe in you!

PS: Good for WWE for finally getting rid of the “Divas division” and calling them “women”. What a big step! Ridiculous that it took them this long but with Sasha and Bayley and Charlotte et all, they had no choice. This isn’t 1997 anymore, their “divas” aren’t just eye candy, they can actually wrestle. Sasha can be a mega-star in the next couple of years, and Bayley has potential to be the woman version of John Cena. Calling them women instead of “divas” is a step in the right direction. But lucky for me, it’s apparently not happening til the Raw after Mania, so my scorecard is still correct.