Tyronn Lue Has To Quit And Move To Canada After Iman Shumpert Used Him As a Human Towel Rack


Brooooooo. I mean…wow. This was from the same game where LeBron completely emasculated Lue and started coaching in front of his face. But even worse. You’re the head coach! You can’t let motherfucking IMAN SHUMPERT hang his dirty towel on you. Jesus Christ, that’s a level of disrespect that’s never even been approached before. At least when LeBron is coaching the team he knows what he’s talking about. Shump just put his dirty ass sweaty ass towel on his head coach’s suit like he was his little bitch. Tyronn Lue has to call it a day. You can’t take L’s like that. Him and D’Angelo Russell need to call up the vacuum repair man and move to a cabin in New Hampshire. Just play cards and lay low for a while.