The US State Department Warns Ugly Ass Americans About Getting Robbed Overseas For Being Ugly

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NBCThe State Department tweeted out a warning to Americans traveling overseas Wednesday — and then deleted the tweet after a deluge of criticism from people who called it sexist.

The tweet, sent from the State Department’s @TravelGov account at 1:20 p.m. ET, in essence told Americans that they’re not as good-looking as they think they are — and not to be flattered by the locals.

I know I always take the other side of these things and maybe it seems like I’m trying to be contrarian or whatever, but real talk: this is great advice. Something a lot of people need to hear. Something that could legitimately help you not get your ass mugged abroad. You’re not as hot as you think you are. No matter how many filters you use and apps you add to your Instagram, no matter how many angle and lighting tricks you’ve figured out for your continually updating Snapchat Story. Unless you are actually insanely hot, in which case you would know and have that confirmed by now, take the State Department’s advice to heart. I mean if I went overseas and some 11 out of 10 started hanging all over me in the bar I’d get the hell out of there ASAP. It’s called self awareness folks.

Of course everyone got InternetMad though…

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Congrats ugly idiots, you got your apology.

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