There's No Coming Back From Tryann Mathieu Calling You A Corndog

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.19.09 PM

Ethered. Boom. Dead. You can come back from a lot of things but there’s no coming back from the Honey Badger calling you a corndog. When it comes to street cred, I turn to Tyrann Mathieu. He’s the judge and jury, and it’s been decided that D’Angelo is a corndog for life. Just a breaded deep fried hotdog from now until forever. That’s my new go-to insult. Slide on over calling people jabronies, corndog is the new hotness. You just can’t be called a corndog and live to tell about it. I think he has to join witness protection now. If my teammate was a corndog I wouldn’t pass to him either.


PS: You know you’ve taken the L when sandwiches are getting in on it.