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Turns Out The Gyro Guy's Sister Got Arrested The Same Night For Beating The Shit Outta Another Girl In An Unrelated Incident

bilde sister

Iowa Press-Citizen- Iowa City Police complaints indicate that Hernandez’s sister was in the bathroom when the stabbing occurred and was found later that night in possession of the bloody knife used by Hernandez.sister police found with the knife.Less than 45 minutes after the alleged stabbing occurred, Mata was arrested at Pints, 118 S. Clinton St., after she and 22-year-old Julie A. Rodriguez, also of West Liberty, attacked two victims after a verbal argument broke out in the bar’s restroom.A few minutes after the bathroom argument took place, at roughly 12:45 a.m. Sunday, Mata and Rodriguez assaulted a female victim who was involved in the initial verbal altercation, according to police.Police say the victim told officers that Mata and Rodriguez struck her with a beer bottle and pushed her to the ground. A second individual, the victim’s friend, was also assaulted by the Mata and Rodriguez, according to police.

Well how do you like that?  Brother and sister getting arrested within 45 minutes of each other in unrelated incidents in the same city.  One at Brothers and the other at Pints.  Some siblings have similar physical traits, some have similar personality traits and then some have similar propensities for getting arrested basically at the same time.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Iowa City bars, those two drinking establishments about 200 yards apart.  Maybe less.  Sometimes the stars just align and weird stuff happens, or in this case the stars aligned and one family member stabs a guy in the arm and then another family member smashes a beer bottle over a person’s head.  Same thing I guess.  That had to be a weird night for the Hernandez parents.  First call from the police, your son stabbed somebody in the arm.  Alright, that sucks.  But everybody has that member of their family who stabs people though, am I right?  Exactly.  It’s bound to happen.  But then the second, only 45 minutes laters, that your daughter beat the shit out of some chick the bathroom of a bar?  It’s at that point when you have to start questioning the effectiveness of your parenting skills.