Today Redemption Is Spelled - W-I-N-D-H-O-R-S-T





WINDHORST!!! I don’t actually know if Windhorst wanted to do this, fight the story that he fell asleep on air, because as the old saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity. And if your entire career is known for carrying around Lebron’s jock strap maybe it’s not so bad to take a break from that and be “guy who fell asleep on TV” but here we are. Let the record show Windhorst has been wronged and he was just checking his burner. Proud of you Windy. You’re back baby, so back.




Love the jab at Adam “2 phones” Schefty.



With the quad phone look!


“Burners for all my ho’s” -True Playa Brian Windhorst

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