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Do People Get Boners While Dancing Like Antonio Brown Does?





This may have been a joke, but I remember getting in a fight with Dave about grinding with chicks. I said I can’t recall actually getting a boner after middle school from simply dancing, which caused Dave to have the very mature response of calling me gay. I thought that to be ridiculous and was more of the belief that dance floor boners are for little boys, not 40 year olds at a club. But now Antonio Brown has me rethinking my decision? Like Andy Bernard, he’s got me wondering if I’m gay. Personally, it takes more than a fully clothed ass using my fly like a cheese grater on my dick to get me hard. Grinding or dancing is like the victoria’s secret catalog, it used to do the trick in the days before I became aware that much better things existed. A push-up bra got me hard before I learned of hardcore porn and dancing was enough before I learned what sex was. But now, dancing is fucking exercise. It’s dry humping while drunk and standing up. If that’s all it takes to get you an erection then you’re a two pump chump, that goes for both Dave and AB.



PS – Erin Andrews was really thrilled to be talking about Antonio Brown’s erection there.