The Cubs Released Muni Kawasaki, Re-Signed Him, Then He Bat-Flipped A Home Run, The Crowd Chanted His Name, And The Cubs Ignored Him

Yesterday, the Cubs released Muni Kawasaki. A few hours later, he was re-signed to a new deal, and back in a Cubs uniform. That same day, he crushed this home run, flipped his bat, and rounded the bases to chants of his name, before re-entering the Cubs dugout to the silent treatment. So jealous of Cubs fans that they get to watch this team. I know that baseball fans outside of Chicago are probably already sick of all the Cubs hype, but it would be way worse if they were a cocky group of douchebags. They’re the exact opposite. The Chicago Cubs might be the most likable team in baseball, even if they went back to losing 100 games. Look at this shit.

You see that? That’s called team unity. That’s called team chemistry. You wanna know why they have team chemistry? It’s because they’re good, and they know that they’re good. But they don’t have to tell you how good they are for you to know it. They could be on the precipice of ending a 108-year World Series drought. Do they look like they’re feeling any sort of pressure? The Red Sox ended their 86-year World Series drought because they had a group of “idiots” that were too detached from reality to realize what they were on the verge of accomplishing. This Cubs team shares some similar characteristics, and I love that about them.