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Orland Park Maid Hospitalized After Eating Brownie Laced With Weed



(Source) A housekeeper was hospitalized after eating a brownie she found while cleaning an Orland Park home last month, only to find out later that it had been laced with marijuana. On June 7, police charged a 22- and 23-year-old man, both from Orland Park with violating a local reckless conduct ordinance for their involvement in the incident. The two men made the brownies during a sleepover the night before, said Orland Park Police Cmdr. John Keating.

The next morning, the 57-year-old housekeeper became dizzy and nauseous after eating one of the brownies left on a kitchen cabinet, according to a police report. The 23-year-old man—whose parents owned the house but were allegedly overseas on vacation—called 911 after the housekeeper told him she felt ill. An ambulance arrived and drove the housekeeper to a nearby hospital, where she later tested positive for marijuana. Police arrived at the house on the 9100 of Kensington Way shortly after the ambulance left. They told the two men the hospital needed to know what was in the brownie to properly treat her.

Police mentioned to them that the housekeeper had told paramedics it tasted like marijuana. When asked to confirm if that was true, both men nervously refused, and police arrested them for further questioning. Keating said the 22-year-old man led police to a trash can in a nearby park on their way to the station. There they found three Tupperware containers filled with fresh brownies that “smelled very strong of marijuana,” according to the report. After police read them their Miranda rights at the station, the two men verbally admitted to lacing the brownies with marijuana, Keating said. They’re due for a hearing at the Orland Park Municipal Center Aug. 13. The housekeeper told police she didn’t plan to press any charges of her own.


Absolutely genius. This housekeeper will literally never touch a thing in that house again. Teach her not to go digging around in the rich person food pantry. Like if you don’t think this was a message to the housekeeper that she needs to stop eating the Brie and Caviar then you have no idea how housekeepers work*. Mini fridge out back with American cheese, refried beans, and tortillas for some low rent taquitos and that’s it hun. You start snooping around the Main house and you’re going to trip your tits off. Fact.


*I have no idea how housekeepers work either. I have a cleaning lady that comes once a month. Always takes a shit in my apartment too, she doesn’t speak English so I can’t tell her to stop, things get weird.



For the first time ever I can safely say that 22 and 23 year old guys having a sleepover = does anal joke actually works.


h/t andrew