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I Need A Dentist In New York




This blog is an ad for myself. I haven’t been to the dentist since I started Barstool Sports. In hindsight that was a mistake. Because right now I think my mouth is falling apart. I’ve had tooth pain for about a a year now but it always came and went. 24-48 hours of not being able to eat super cold or hot stuff. Just figured it was a cavity that would essentially figure itself out. I mean cavemen didn’t’ have dentists right? So if they could survive without going to the Dentist so could I.  I willed myself to be stronger than the pain. Plus I hate the Dentist.  I wasn’t gonna be a sucker and let them cut my gums and teeth to shreds. No thanks. Well now I’m fucked. I’ve had throbbing pain in my mouth for the last 3 days. Can’t sleep, percocets don’t seem to help. I think I need multiple root canals. Not the best timing since I’m moving to scum city today. So I need some dentist recommendations asap. Dentists that I can trust. Because I feel like anytime you just use the yellow pages to find a dentist you’re guaranteed to find one that takes pleasure in pain. I need one that will just give me laughing gas and put me under while they rearrange my face. And not to put pressure on people but it’s a big time emergency. The fate of Barstool literally rests in your hands.

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