Do I Need To Start Worrying About Brian Windhorst's Mental Health?


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You know that show Intervention, where cameras follow around a drug or alcohol addict as they tear their life and family apart? Well each episode always culminates with everyone sitting in a hotel conference room intervening with the addict and telling them to get treatment. Then a funny thing happens from time to time. The addict or star of the episode will agree to treatment and head off in a minivan to some rehab in Arizona or California and everything will feel good. Then when everyone returns to the room to congratulate each other on a successful intervention the therapist will turn to the mother or sister or brother, whoever the enabler was, and basically say you also need an intervention for spending the last however many years trapped in this person’s wrath, following them around and letting them do whatever they want. It’s time for you to seek help as well.



Well that’s how I feel about Brian Windhorst right now. All the spotlight is on Lebron and his erratic behavior. Lebron is losing it, Lebron is acting moody, Lebron needs help. Well what about Windhorst? The dude has spent his entire career following Lebron around, living in his shadow, telling everyone they don’t understand the true Lebron, caping for every mis step. Lebron moved to Miami, Windy packed up and followed him there. Back to Cleveland? Fuck it, Brian is your guy. Lebron is an addict of his own ego and he has been playing Windhorst like a Yo-Yo for the past however many years and I think it’s time we start looking at the big picture here before we lose 2 people. Just look at the signs.


Changing his hair styles.



Frozen cameras.






Writing pieces about Lebron’s moodiness.


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And now this. Falling asleep live on air.




I don’t know. All I’m saying is maybe it’s time we stop working on Lebron and starting give Windy some Brian time. Just feels like we’ve all neglected someone here while they’ve been crying out for help. So I’ll be the first to intervene. Brian, are you ok man? How was your day? Let’s talk.





We could also just give him some stickum and lower the hoop to 6 feet. Let Windhorst dunk his way out of his funk. I’m not opposed.