The Highlight Of The 2015-16 Chicago Bulls Season Will Probably Be This Kirk Hinrich U2 Tribute Video



There it is, that’s the peak. Captain Kirk back in town last night, the Bulls in desperate need of a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, and all we got was this DOPE tribute video. I don’t know if it’s good or bad that Kirk Hinrich has basically been the face of the Chicago Bulls for the past decade. Yeah Derrick has obviously had his moments, Jimmy has come on the last few years, and Jo had his run. But the one consistent member of the franchise through thick and thin has been Kirk. Even when we traded him and ended the Kirk Hinrich era, he snaked his way back and re-started the whole thing. Kind of unbelievable this is what this season has come to but it has. The Bulls are the most maddening, depressing, hatable team in the league right now. I hate the Coach, I hate the roster, I hate the Front Office, but I still got love for Kirk, even if he isn’t even on our team.





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