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How About This Little Kid Trying To Sneak A Hug From Melo During Tonight's Pelicans Game?

Do they just let kids wearing jorts and what appears to be some sort of cheap FUBU imitation on the court to get a hug and a quick conversation with their favorite player in New Orleans? Why not let him shoot a layup while we are at it? This is how you know the NBA has gone soft. Oak and Mase would have knocked that kid on his ass for going near the team’s two stars and wouldn’t have even gotten a technical or a flagrant. To his credit, Melo greeted the kid like Ace Ventura greeted his pets. Meanwhile Dante Cunningham acted like the kid is radioactive or something and my boy Porzingis definitely reacted like a guy that has played in pro leagues in Latvia where fans run on the court all the time.