Rico Bosco: Man Of Honor

So let me get this straight. Francesca alluded to the fact that some people were saying Villanova was a fraud team before the Sweet 16. As we all know Rico Bosco was the leader of the pack in this regard. Nobody was beating that drum harder than Rico. He put his entire reputation behind this hypothesis. He spent 3 months preaching how Villanova would fall early in March. He was dead wrong. Lots of men would run for cover. Lots of men would hide. Not Rico Bosco. Rico had a journalistic responsibility to call back Mike back and admit he was one of those guys. Bravo Rico. Bravo. Not everybody would do this. Not everybody raises their hand when they make a mistake. But not everybody is Rico Bosco. Not everybody is a man of honor. A man of integrity. And if you don’t respect that than to quote Peter McNeely you have a big dump in your pants.