The Braves Just Released Nick Swisher, Who Is Still Owed $15 Million Next Season

Jesus Christ, guys. Way to bury the lead here with a title like “Atlanta Braves Make Spring Roster Moves”. Yeah, so we made some moves today. Nothing major. Pretty standard for this time of year. We reassigned some guy to the minors anddddd released Nick Swisher, who is still owed $15 million in 2016. Other than that, pretty procedural shit going on.

It’s not THAT bad, because the Indians covered some of the cost when they dealt him and Michael Bourn to Atlanta, but still, how the mighty have fallen, kind of. Swisher was never in the conversation for one of the game’s best outfielders, but he did, however, convince the Cleveland Indians to give him $56 million over four years. He actually has a vesting option for 2017 worth $14 million, but there’s no way he’s going to get the 550 plate appearances this year that are necessary for the option to kick in. At the age of 35, you might have to wonder if this could be the end of the road for Swisher. Over his last two seasons, he’s hit .204 with a .617 OPS. Despite the fact that he could be had essentially for free, I don’t see too many teams jumping at that.

Although, he does have the reputation for being a great clubhouse guy — maybe some team sees value in that. I can see Joe Maddon hassling Theo Epstein to bring Swisher to the Cubs late in the year to be the clubhouse clown, but even a role like that remains a long shot.

PS – I never understood how he had the reputation of being a great clubhouse guy. He’s always seemed like a huge douchebag to me. I dunno. I could be wrong (probably not).