PSA: If You Try To Rob A House That Has A "We Don't Dial 911" Sign With A Picture Of A Gun On It, You May Get Shot

FOX- “We don’t dial 911.” A homeowner who has a sign with those words hanging outside her house shot an armed intruder who broke into her Indianapolis home Thursday afternoon, according to Fox 59. A mother reportedly heard the man enter her home through a window in her baby’s room, so she took out her pistol. Neighbors said the intruder broke into the house through the baby’s window and fired his gun first. She shot back and hit the man multiple times. He was taken to an Indianapolis hospital and is expected to survive. The child and the mom were not hurt. Authorities said that the man was carrying zip ties and a walkie talkie at the time he was allegedly breaking in.

Listen, I am really not sure how the Second Amendment works in this country, but I am pretty sure that if you display a “We Don’t Dial 911″ sign prominently on your house, you basically have carte blanche to shoot anyone that illegally enters your home. I mean at a certain point, you feel like these robbers kinda forced this lady’s hands to use her gun instead of calling 911. You can’t be the person in your neighborhood that has the “We Don’t Call 911″ sign on her house that calls 911. If you hang that sign on your house, you are saying that you have a gun and a boatload of gumption. And I imagine there are many places in the South and Midwest that think you are a huge pussy if you call 911. Almost like snitching in big cities.

That “We Don’t Dial 911″ sign is basically a human “Beware Of Dog” sign. You have been warned that shit is probably going to go down if you find your way inside uninvited. And if you break into a house like this through the baby’s window with zip ties in hand, you should probably be happy if you leave with your brains still inside your head.