Snapchat Filters Are the Worst Things Ever

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Can we talk about how stupid snapchat filters are?  Chicks always making themselves into dogs and bunnies and face swapping etc.   Everybody trying to be funny and shit on snapchat.  Newsflash.  The only reason people follow people on snapchat is to stalk each other.   This isn’t comedy central.  I’m not clicking on a chick’s story to get a quick laugh.  I’m wanting to see hot pics of chicks doing sexy shit that they wouldn’t post on facebook or Instagram because it disappears after 24 hours.   And really that’s the basis of all social media success.  Guys and girls stalking each other.  The second somebody starts using these cartoon filers I unfollow them.   That’s not what Snapchat is for.   That’s kindergarden shit and will be the doom of Snapchat if they don’t clean it up.  It’s literally ruining the feed of every hot chick who forgot people only care about them being hot and not to see psychedelic shit that every single person is doing now.   I don’t want to see Amendola’s face on Olivia Culpo and vice versa.   Be hot or go home.