Thin Skinned Lebron Strikes Again!

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Oh boo hooo, Chris Broussard ranked me second behind Steph Curry, I’m Lebron, I’m so sad. Now I’m going to unfollow the greatest NBA scoop guy in the business.


Well guess what Lebron, that’s your fucking loss ese. You don’t want to be plugged in? You don’t want to know stories before they’re even stories and sometimes they’re not even stories they’re just made up things in Chris Broussard’s head? Fine by us. Just don’t come crawling back to the Brou Crew when you realize your mistake. Once you’re out, you’re out. It’s official, Lebron has been ex-communicated. Walk the plank bronny, Brou Crew doesn’t play.


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I’m so excited for members of the Brou Crew to get this shirt in the mail and realize how bad it truly is. Outrageously bad. Worst shirt of all time which kind of makes it the best shirt of all time when you really think about it.