High Speed Chase In LA Ends With A Woman Trying To Steal A Police Vehicle In Broad Daylight



“I’m not doing anything, I’ve got my hands up, I’m not doing anything, I’m not doing anything…I’M STEALING YOUR COP CAR!!!”



The balls on this lady. I mean the very nature of a high speed chase is saying to yourself fuck it, I’m going down swinging. I think I’ve seen one successful high speed chase in my life and it was on COPS about 15 years ago*. They just never ever work out, the person never gets away. So not only did she commit to going down swinging, she basically said you know what, I demand a 4th strike, let me get another crack at this and went for the Police Cruiser. I know she’s a criminal and she endangered people’s lives but she also put on a show to the very end, and that can’t just go unmentioned. To think that you can successfully steal a Police vehicle in front of the police, that’s the type of irrational self confidence I can get behind.


I also love the blatant real time stereotyping when she pops out of the car and the news people were like “ooooh, is that a woman?”. I was right there with them. Not every day you see a woman high speed chase. Probably why she tried to steal that car. Have to go the extra mile to prove to everyone women belong in speed chase’s too. Gender equality in police chases is not something given, it’s something earned.




*I wish I could find that COPS episode because it’s seared into my brain. The guy just got a little ahead of the Cops, cut the lights, and poof he was gone. These are the things that are stuck in my brain that stop me from being a regular functioning human being. Like when you guys say my grammar or spelling sucks, well know the reason, it’s because I have a hundred COPS episodes taking up a lot of MegaBytes in the old head computer and they can never be deleted.