Happy Birthday To The One, The Only, Harry Kalas

Who would we be as Philadelphians if we didn’t take time to wish one of the greatest broadcasters in our time a happy birthday? Harry the K was the downright best at what he did. From lighting a spark in the booth when the Phillies moved to the Vet to making games in the 90’s watchable with his boy Whitey to calling the final out in the 08′ World Series with Chris Wheeler fist pumping his heart away. The man was a legend. The man was the actual voice of summer for everyone. Hell, he was one of the largest reasons I study what I do up at Quinnipiac (On the call for NCAA Regionals for QU-RIT, come listen). He continues to be the number one source of nostalgia when it comes to great Phillies memories (and a very underrated NFL Films crooner, too). Take some time today and enjoy some of his best.