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Giancarlo Stanton Hit A Home Run Over A Building Yesterday

This is some Bugs Bunny shit right here. Giancarlo Stanton homered two days ago on a 102 MPH fastball for his first home run of the spring, and his teammate gave him shit for it not being far enough. So, the next day, this motherfucker comes out and smashes a home run over a fucking building. A BUILDING! If Giancarlo Stanton played back in 1946 when the original Bugs Bunny baseball episode came out, there’s no doubt he would’ve played for the Gas House Gorillas. Just chopping down trees with his bare hands, going up to home plate, swinging a telephone pole and hitting bombs into the next area code. That’s grown ass man strength.

Bonus video – The longest home runs of Giancarlo Stanton’s career: