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Let's All Watch Ben Affleck Die A Little Inside As He's Told Batman v Superman Is Getting Bad Reviews



A couple things. One, that is funny as hell. You can just see Affleck dying inside after the guy tells him the movie is getting mixed reviews. Never has there ever been a better, “Oh my god, what I have done? Why didn’t I just retire after Argo won Best Picture? I’ve made a huge mistake” face. It’s so perfect. I’ve been fully on the bandwagon that Batman v Superman is gonna suck for awhile now. The trailers were awful. Jesse Eisenberg drove me crazy. They didn’t make any sense. Lots of people getting thrown through walls. I still don’t understand why Batman and Superman are fighting. The whole thing just seemed like it was headed towards a colossal disaster. Obviously not at the box office. It’s gonna rake in a yuuuuuuuuge amount of money Or maybe it’ll flop after these reviews. But critically. Lastly, how about the balls on that interviewer? Unless I’m mistaken, you usually don’t see an interview where the guy goes, “So tell me how you feel about people saying the movie sucks?” I’m surprised Affleck didn’t drop kick the guy.