Conan O'Brien Skipped His Monologue And Told An Awesome Story About Garry Shandling Last Night



Alright so I’m not gonna sit here and pretend Garry Shandling had a big affect on my life. Not out of a lack of respect for what he did for comedy. I just wasn’t old enough when he was doing Garry Shandling stuff. The Larry Sanders Show debuted when I was three years old and ran until I was 9 years old. I was too busy picking my nose and just wasn’t watching HBO back then. But the outpouring of love for Garry Shandling has been pretty awesome since he passed. And Shandling did inspire some of my favorites like Louis CK and Jon Stewart and Ricky Gervais. Also if you like any Judd Apatow movie you pretty much have Garry Shandling to thank for that. Apatow worked on The Larry Sanders show and has long referenced Shandling as his biggest influence. There have been a lot of tributes to Garry since he died but this Conan one was my favorite. Skipping his monologue and telling a story about how he and Garry spent a week in Hawaii together after Conan had been booted from The Tonight Show. Great stuff.