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I Need To Know What eGirls (Professional Video Game Groupies) Are All About






“Video game groupies? Yeah, ok, buddy,” is what most people would say to these guys. “Go back to your basements and keep drinking your Mountain Dew until you have enough Dew Dollars for that “ultimate gamer chair” you’ve been saving up for, you goddamn dorks,” is probably what everyone thinks before even entertaining the idea that there are eGirls. But not me.


I’ve seen some pretty wild stuff on this here internet. I’ve seen people who were into balloons being popped (real fetish), casts (also real), and chicks who prefer a guy in a wheelchair. I know everyone’s got there kink, and I accept that. Which is why of course there are video game groupies. One billion trillion percent there are video game groupies.


But now that I’ve been alerted to their existence, I need to know everything about them. Are eGirls attracted to all gamers, or is there a difference? Are World of Warcraft and Halo like hockey and basketball, where they attract a very different style of groupie? Like BSB vs NSYNC, do groupies of different teams hate each other or do eGirls not care what jersey the dick she’s getting wears, as long as he can work the sticks? Do eGirls know how video games work and shit? Like how do you decide to become a video game groupie over, say, a groupie of literally anything else?


So, so many questions for eGirls but the one thing I can guarantee you is eGirls fuck. Ask the dude on the left, he’ll tell you all about that eGirl he fucked at summer camp. You wouldn’t know her, she goes to a different school.