The Eliminator: WWE Legends

Pick which one of the four you would eliminate

There have been some tough Eliminators in the past, but this is one where I truly have no idea who will get the most votes against him. Hulk Hogan is the symbol for childhood, freedom, and America. Stone Cold has to be the greatest anti-hero ever. Calling The Rock “The most electrifying man in sports entertainment” may somehow be an understatement. And Vinny Mac has been the straw that stirs the drink for years and years. Now when it comes to the vote, I am going strictly based on their on-air personalities and wrestling. This has nothing to do with The Rock’s movies, Vince McMahon actually running the company behind the scenes, or Hulk Hogan murdering websites in court.

Also muddying the waters is that all four guys had/have first ballot Hall of Fame entrance songs.

My first instinct says to eliminate Mr. McMahon. But without Vince, Austin and The Rock don’t have one of the most important characters in their storylines. Just based on nostalgia, I can’t eliminate Hogan. And Stone Cold and The Rock are one in the same in my mind. So this one is up to you guys. Which of the four members of the WWE Mount Rushmore would you knock off? I will listen to what the people say and co-sign whoever “loses” the vote.

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