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Former NHL Goalie Mathieu Garon Found His Stolen Mask Listed On eBay

Well what do you know? He knew it was going to pop up somewhere. Considering he played for the Kings from 2005 to 2007, it just took a few years or 10. But I think he gets it back now right? I’m not sure what the stature of limitations is on stolen goalie masks though. Is there a kangaroo court this goes to? On one hand, it is his mask. Which is a pretty solid case. But on the other hand, the person in possession of it waited 10 years to list it. That sort of patience cannot go unrewarded. Imagine waiting 10 years to sell something, thinking you’re finally in the clear, but eagle eye Mathieu was always one step ahead of you (besides the time you stole it, of course).

h/t @CapitalsHill