This Ball Pit Bar In San Francisco Would Be Fun For Exactly 17 Minutes



A roller coaster of emotion when I saw this ball pit bar. First thought was it would be the most amazing place in the whole wide world. I love getting drunk + I miss being able to belly flop into a ball pit = perfection. Think about it. All of the places that have ball pits are places we would get arrested if we walked in to. Especially if we were drunk. A 27-year-old guy and his friends can’t walk into a place with a ball pit without walking out in handcuffs. So a ball pit bar makes perfect sense for guys like me who never grew up and just wants to play in a damn ball pit. But the reality of the situation is that it would be fun for less than a half hour. I’d roll around for 15 minutes and be D O N E. It would wear off so fast it’d make your head spin. That, and the booze. And people would get severely hurt. By the time 11pm rolled around, people would be throwing fastballs at each other’s faces. That sounds fun until Sharon is bleeding all over the bar and somebody has to call her an Uber. Fucking Sharon.  So yeah, I’d hang out at a ball pit bar for a drink or two but it’d get old real quick.