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Ted Cruz Goes Full WWE And Calls Donald Trump A Coward, Immediately Gets Put Into A Mental Pretzel By A Reporter

What a GOP race this has been. Historians and comedians will talk about this race long after our great great grandchildren have past away. Theodore Cruz trying to act like Marlo Stanfield in front of a bunch of media members, with the only problem being that he has the voice and delivery of the 7th grade nerd. And since nobody ever liked the 7th grade nerd, this reporter hits him across the face with a follow-up question from hell. Either Cruz had to politic his way through a response of why he would support a guy he just called a sniveling coward or refuse to back the man that is the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Unreal.

Meanwhile, Trump just gets to manual retweet people and use the “I never said or made any of that stuff” excuse. Checkers vs. chess, folks.

Update: Yup, she Ethered him.