Avalanches Ain't Nothin To Fuck With

Caught in Avalanche snowmobiling Golden B.C. Mar13/2016 travelled aprox 2500ft in slide glad to be alive

There’s a few thing in this world I don’t fuck with. Sinkholes, talking to girls, and avalanches. The thing about avalanches is not only are they sudden, but they combine the idea of being buried alive with the idea of freezing to death. It’s every fear balled up into one. With sinkholes, usually they open slowly and rarely does anyone die. Even your house could fall into a sinkhole and you’d be fine. But avalanches are bad motherfuckers. They spring up when you don’t expect it, bury you under the snow, and drag you for 2,500 feet.

Now, everyone knows that ever since I watched Meru I’m a bit of an extreme athlete these days. I’ve looked at the website to join a climbing gym multiple times, no big deal. But whenever my extreme friends try to get me to go extreme skiing or snowmobiling with them, I’ve always declined. I’ll stick to free soloing, thank you very much. Just not an avalanche guy.