AJ Reed Just Hit The Easiest Inside The Park Home Run Of All-Time Thanks To Yoenis Cespedes

If this were an outfielder with a pussy ass arm like Jacoby Ellsbury, I would’ve blogged about how he was probably just trying to pull a fast one by holding the runner to a ground rule double, because he knew he couldn’t throw the runner out at third. But Yoenis Cespedes has a fucking cannon, arguably the best outfield throwing arm in the game, sooo is he just stupid? It’s not like he couldn’t have thrown that dude out if he tried to take the extra base, so why not just pick the ball up? It’s not like he didn’t see it, and thought it went under the fence completely or something, either. He looked right at it, and threw his hands up immediately, and as umpire CB Bucknor would reveal, it wasn’t stuck under the fence. Not even a little bit. This reminds me of being in high school and writing a bunch of bullshit answers on your homework to make it look like you actually did it, and then the teacher comes by your desk to look at it, and they’re like, “Yeaaaaaah, no. Nice try, though.”