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Giancarlo Stanton Hit A 102 MPH Fastball For His First Home Run This Spring

The average human has a reaction time of about 0.75 seconds. A 102 MPH fastball reaches home plate in 0.40 seconds. Giancarlo Stanton is not an average human being. The 26-year-old took Cardinals closer Trevor Rosenthal deep on a 102 MPH fastball for his first spring training home run yesterday, after hitting 27 homers last year. Now, you’d probably see 27 home runs and think that’s a pretty good season. It is. But then you’d look and hopefully notice that Stanton hit those 27 home runs in only 74 games. Bust out the calculator, and over a 162-game pace, 27 home runs over 74 games projects to be a 59 home run season. That would’ve been the highest home run total since Ryan Howard hit 58 home runs in 2006. As a baseball fan, deep down, we know that we have to let go of the Steroid Era. We’re never going to see offensive production like that ever again. That’s why we have to hope that Stanton stays healthy, because he’s the closest thing we’re gonna get to home run production like that.