Trump Retweets A Picture Comparing Heidi Cruz To His Wife


Daily Mail – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were engaged in a full-blown Twitter row last night as the two Republican presidential candidates sparred over their wives. Trump retweeted an unflattering picture of his rival’s wife, Heidi, just a day after threatening to ‘spill the beans’ on her after a super PAC backing Cruz released an advert showing his wife Melania naked. Cruz immediately hit back, tweeting: ‘Donald, real men don’t attack women. Your wife is lovely, and Heidi is the love of my life.’

Do you know who I feel really fucking bad for? Heidi Cruz. It absolutely SUCKS to be Heidi Cruz right now. Going up against Melenia as a potential First Lady just aint fair. Ordinarily you gotta go toe to toe with some other middle aged who’s pretty gross. You’re all like average looking, at best, smart women who were picked on purpose because you look like Presidential material. So if someone tweets out a picture of your disgusting baked beans teeth it was OK because chances are the other chick is gross too. If they are talking about how it looks like you took a hockey puck to the mouth, chances are the other chick is being made fun of for something equally embarrassing. But then along comes Melenia Trump with her big tits and her fuck me eyes and her naked spreads in GQ:

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Looking like a porn star version of Tami Taylor and theres just nothing you can do. Now Heidi Cruz isnt a total slouch. She kinda looks like Stifler’s Mom:


And thats the woman that invented the term MILF. So, its not all bad for Heidi. But it just aint fair if people are gonna be tweet side by side pics of her vs Melenia. They are just in different weight classes. And the worst part of all? Heidi is actually older than Melenia. Brutal. I just feel bad for her.

And I also feel bad for that Count Chocula looking motherfucker Ted. Because you know Heidi is like “Ugh that woman is trash. Shes such a skank. So fake. I’m prettier than her. Right honey?” and Lyin Ted has to just be like “Of course cupcake. I dont think she’s pretty at all.” The Cruz couple needs to throw in the towel and just realize the Trumps pushed them around the ring in every way possible.