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Did Ja Rule Just Save The Islanders?

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.03.59 PM

Okay two things here.

One. OF COURSE Ja Rule is a glass-banger. It makes total sense. Only people who go to games once every four years, always think sitting on the glass is the best seat in the house, and truly believe they’re getting into player’s heads when the bang on the glass, bang on the glass. Ultimate rookie move out of the ultimate rookie. [No way he reads this, right?]

Second. I’ve been over here for YEARS trying to fix the Islanders. Trying to return this franchise to it’s glory days, helping Garth build brick by brick. He handles the hockey, I handle the crappy dad jokes set to GIFs, yet this whole time we needed the third musketeer. A true game changer was right under our noses, we needed that good luck charm, needed that show runner.

In comes Ja. The show runner. Before Ja jumped on the wagon I was over here blogging about how this season could be over and we didn’t even know it, now this team is undefeated in Rule’s presence and I feel a streak coming on. The catalyst we never knew we needed, Ja fucking Rule.

It’s murrddddaaaaaaa.

PS – That face you make when Ja Rule is giving you hockey pointers

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