Ted Cruz Got Caught Using A Michael Douglas Quote from "The American President" When Trying To Go At Donald Trump




First of all, I love that Cruz is so dumb he almost fucked up the your/his. Caught himself at the very last second there. Memorized that quote just a little too well, Teddy.



Second, and most important, I don’t even see what’s wrong with this? Movie quotes are badass, politician quotes fucking suck. So if the opportunity presents itself where you can throw out a quote from a good movie instead of using your own lame words why not? Maybe next time give the proper attribution but otherwise I’m totally fine with this move. Ted Cruz should get to quote whatever movie he wants, it sounds better than the same old political crap we’re used to hearing. Fuck if I were running for President I’d just make my stump speech Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day. Give it over and over from coast to coast and every small town in between. Tell me that doesn’t win the Presidency? You can’t.