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Scott Feldman's Dugout Interview Was Interrupted By Astros Ninjas

Hilarious. I love this Astros team. If you’ve been following what the Cubs have been up to this spring, then you’ll know that their spring training camp is far and away the most entertaining, and it’s not even close. But, from out of nowhere, the Astros are creeping up the ranks.

Last week, we saw George Springer and Marwin Gonzalez give Astros field reporter Julia Morales a sunflower seed shower, and now we have outfielder Jake Marisnick, No. 2 starter Collin McHugh, projected No. 3 starter Lance McCullers (who will open the season on the disabled list), and reigning Cy Young award winner Dallas Keuchel as your Astros dugout ninjas who highjacked Scott Feldman’s interview. They’re a loose group, but they’re extremely talented, and they’re flying so low under the radar. If you’re not an Astros fan, there’s a really good chance that the only player you recognize in that video is Keuchel, and it took him winning the Cy Young award to become a household name. For what it’s worth, though, they are getting plenty of respect from the PECOTA projections, who have the Astros winning the AL West in 2016, which would be the team’s first division title since 2001. The Astros were a 92-loss team in 2014, and then followed that up with 86 wins and their first postseason appearance since 2005. Don’t be surprised when they’re back in the postseason in 2016.

PS – Sneaky move by Feldman here.